2013 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature

Bills Tracked in 2013

The Scorecard shows how legislators voted on bills that made it to the House or Senate floor. But many other bills - good and bad - never make it out of committee. Others fail on the floor, while still others are sent back to committee before all legislators can be held accountable by a vote. We highlight the best of the best and worst of the worst in our Bill Graveyard.

HB 2259Water Resources Department FeesPassed the House 31-29 | Passed the Senate 18-12 | Repassed the House 33-26
HB 2396Woody Debris ProtectionsPassed the House 41-19 | Passed the Senate 22-7 | Repassed the House 40-17
HB 2427Canola Ban in Willamette ValleyPassed the House 37-22 | Passed the Senate 18-12
HB 2893Residential Renewable EnergyPassed the House 55-4 | Passed the Senate 19-10
HB 3098Youth CampsPassed the House 47-12 | Passed the Senate 23-7
OLCV Special FocusHB 3162Toxics DisclosurePassed the House 39-21 | Died in the Senate
HB 3267Industrial Super-Siting in Malheur CountyPassed the House 53-7 | Died in the Senate
HB 3364Integrated Pest ManagementPassed the House 51-9 | Passed the Senate 24-6
OCN Major ThreatSB 246Industrial LandsPassed the Senate 27-3 | Passed the House 44-15
SB 260Connect OregonPassed the Senate 22-7 | Passed the House 44-14
SB 306Carbon Tax StudyPassed the Senate 18-12 | Passed the House 31-28
SB 474Raccoons as Habituated WildlifePassed the Senate 16-14 | Died in the House
OCN Priority BillSB 488Clean Fuels ProgramDied in Senate on 15-15 floor vote | Never made it to the House
SB 602Waldo LakePassed the Senate 18-11| Passed the House 37-20
SB 633Pre-Emption of Local GMO LawsPassed the Senate 17-12 | Died in the House
OCN Priority BillSB 692Energy Efficient AppliancesPassed the Senate 19-9 | Passed the House 40-19 | Repassed Senate 21-9
OCN Priority BillSB 838Suction Dredge Mining LimitsPassed the Senate 17-13 | Passed the House 33-27
OCN Major ThreatSB 863Preemption of Local GMO LawsPassed the Senate 17-12 | Passed the House 32-22

About OLCV

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan organization with a simple mission: to pass laws that protect Oregon's environmental legacy, elect pro-environment candidates to office, and hold all of our elected officials accountable.

For more information about OLCV, visit our website at olcv.org.

About the Scorecard

For more than 40 years, OLCV has protected Oregon's natural legacy. An essential part of our work is holding our elected officials accountable. The OLCV Environmental Scorecard is not only one of our most important accountability tools, but also a tradition. The first scorecard was published in 1973.

By sharing how each member of the Legislature voted on the most critical conservation bills, we help Oregonians understand whether legislators listened to their constituents, or if they listened to special interest groups instead. It also serves as a summary of environmental bills and includes special recognition of the legislative champions.